Investment AmountDuration of IncomeDaily IncomeNo of Days in a WeekMonthly BenefitNo of Days in a MonthTotal Income
(Per Month)
5,00015 Months(+/-) 25220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 550
10,00015 Months(+/-) 50220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 1,100
20,00015 Months(+/-) 100220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 2,200
30,00015 Months(+/-) 150220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 3,300
40,00015 Months(+/-) 200220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 4,400
50,00015 Months(+/-) 250220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 5,500
75,00015 Months(+/-) 375220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 8,250
100,00015 Months(+/-) 500220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 11,000
250,00015 Months(+/-) 1,250220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 27,500
500,00015 Months(+/-) 2,500220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 55,000
750,00015 Months(+/-) 3,750220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 82,500
1,000,00015 Months(+/-) 5,000220.1-0.9 % (+/-)30(+/-) 110,000

OOF BUSINESS NETWORK offers a Mudarabah-Based deposit plan

through which you can invest your savings for periods 15 months and earn Halal profit on a periodic basis. These Investment Plan are Riba Free Plans. and not without any loss or risk factor.

Therefore, the final amount of the payment is not fixe and will be the outcome of the profit

OOF BUSINESS NETWORK utilizes your investment amount in various businesses. and the final profit and the rate of return of money distributed on monthly basis

on the basis of the amount shared by each investor separately.

The Plan is universally equal for all currencies e.g. If you are investing you can use $5000. and similarly if you are investing in Euro or Dirham etc all will be 5000. The minimum amount is 5000 whereas. there is no limit above 5000 in any currency and amount.

The Formula will remain the same for all currencies etc. Mudarabah or “Sharing the profit and loss with venture capital”, is a partnership or trust financing contract .(similar to western equivalent of General and Limited Partnership) where one partner (rabb-ul-mal or “silent partner”/financier). gives money to another (mudarib or “working partner”) for investing in a commercial enterprise.

The rabb-ul-mal party provides 100 percent of the capital and the mudarib party provides its specialized knowledge to invest the capital and manage the investment project.

Profits generated are share between the parties. according to a pre-agreed ratio.

If there is a loss, rabb-ul-mal will lose his capital

and the mudarib party will lose the time and effort invested in the project.